Health Safety Training & Consulting Service in Canada


The cost of workplace accidents can be damaging financially and reputation-wise. Single or several elements of hazards appear in our daily routine, from household environments, indoor/outdoor activities, to workplace environments.

The risk of exposure to workplace hazards is magnified significantly, especially in manufacturing, construction, chemical or petrochemical processing plants, oil & gas exploration, and production projects, and even in commercial settings.


Thus, because of limited control to our exposure to these elements of workplace hazards, our focus should be set on identifying these hazards and eliminate them or minimize their risks to the lowest levels.

Kings Safety & IDY Solutions uses collaborative efforts along with our risk assessment tools to identifying, categorizing, assessing, and managing threats at every step of a project from preplanning to project closure; thus, improving safety

  • Risk Identification:

At Kings Safety, we identify risk in design plant process/operation, or at the workplace through traditional routes such as engineering design checks, safety inspections, and reviews of safety culture.


  • Risk Assessment:

Identified hazards are assessed based on the criticality of their harmful effects and ranked in order of their risk-bearing potential. No operation intervention will be recommended if the risk is acceptable. If the risk is not acceptable, a risk mitigation process and controls are put in place.