Health Safety Training & Consulting Service in Canada



Need a Safety Incentive Program, Employee Safety Handbook, or HSE professional video?

Leave this task to the professionals. Kings Safety will provide the following services:

Safety Program Development has several stages, first and foremost:

1. Pocket Sized

The handbook will include Employee Responsibilities and information from the employer that pertains directly to the employee.

– Safe Work Practices – Pocket-sized or electronically accessed is a reference manual the employee can reference throughout the day.

– Emergency Response Plans ( Site Specific and Corporate ) – Corporate ERP’s covering specific responsibilities and procedures for everyone in the event of various potential emergencies.

– Emergency Evacuation Layouts – A professional rendering of the building or site that details all evacuation routes and includes the location of emergency equipment, muster points, basic ERP procedures, and Emergency Contacts

Orientation Video Development

The company-specific Orientation Video includes a co-developed script between Safety and our Client. This will consist of Original Slide Graphics, Professional Voice Over, along with On-site HD Video Footage. Our Production team will meet with representatives of our client before beginning the project to develop the content and layout. The Client representatives will have an opportunity to review the material in the draft format before it is included in the video.

The orientation video allows for standardization and consistency during the on-boarding process and sets a tone of professionalism and structure. On-site HD Video Footage: The details of each specific scene will be laid out in the storyboard. The Video Production Manager will create this storyboard in conjunction with the Film Crew. The Film Crew will conduct filming at the predetermined schedules and locations in compliance with the storyboard.

3. Safety Recognition Program

Kings Safety Consultants are always on the lookout for field crews who take extra precautions to create a safe work environment. Our Safety Recognition Program awards the customer’s employees who demonstrate outstanding safety precautions or who may observe and correct a situation that had the potential to cause an incident (also known as “good catch”).

The Safety Recognition Program has expanded beyond our wildest dreams, and crews are on the lookout for our consultants. The word has spread that we reward with desirable industry items like stainless steel heavy duty thermos, high-quality utility pocket knives, or durable field notebooks. The Kings Safety Consultants are pleased to recognize these individuals and show appreciation for the extra steps taken to create a safe work environment.