Health Safety Training & Consulting Service in Canada



Each project comes with a unique set of safety considerations and requires a focused and customized plans to address potential risks. The team at Kings Safety Consulting Ltd. specializes in developing safety plans and assessments for commercial clients in the Oil & Gas, Potash, and heavy construction industries. Our certified and experienced on-site and Off-site Safety Advisors provide immediate support and direction from the planning phase to project completion and review. Let the qualified HSE professionals at Kings Safety use their expertise to help lead the way.



HSE-MS Manuals and Program Development ofan HSE-MS (Health, Safety And Environment Management System)


Perform a comprehensive analysis of a company’s safety requirements and create a custom system that is designed to achieve efficiency and effectiveness within the company’s safety culture.

Gap Analysis and Review of Existing Health, Safety and Environment Management System

Assess the details of a company’s HSE-MS. It includes all components of a safety program:

  • Manual,
  • Documentation,
  • Filing,
  • Compliance,
  • Safety Culture,
  • Statistics (such as TRIF), etc.

This Gap Analysis Report will be prepared in an agreed-upon format based on the client’s needs.

Safe Work Practices (SWP)

Develop guidelines for how to perform a work task safely. SWPs are developed based on a Job Hazard Analysis from the Job Task Inventory Process.

General Health And Safety Management Consulting

Consult on almost any HSE item, issue, concern, or question. We are available for support in many capacities

Site-Specific Safety Management Plan (SSSMP) Development

Perform an on-site Safety Risk Assessment with staff working on a particular project. We gather specific information regarding the safety management of the project. The final product is a complete custom plan that details locations, personnel, responsibilities, processes, procedures, and other relevant project details.

Project Risk Assessments

Conduct Project Risk Assessments at the job site to document hazards and perform risk assessments using any format requested by the client.

Formal Hazard Assessment

Analyze each position and risk rank each task within a company. Job Task Inventory is the first step of the Formal Hazard Assessment.

Job Hazard Assessments (JHA)

Analyze each job and task for potential hazards and then risk rank each hazard. JHA involves group process development and the introduction of controls.