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10 tips for Safe Celebrating – At home and out of the town!


FOR A COZY NIGHT IN … Sometimes the warmth and comfort of home is just too much to leave! Consider these tips when planning your stay-vacation celebrations!

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  1. Candles and fireplaces are great for traditional holiday ambiance but take care to keep combustible materials at a safe distance and NEVER leave either unattended.
  2. Ensure your home is fully equipped with safety monitoring equipment including smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Take time to check that each one is function properly and replace if necessary.
  3. If hosting guests, don’t be afraid to ask about back up plans or designated drivers. Provide contact information to local cab companies and/or help guests make transportation arrangements if they intend to consume alcohol.
  4. If serving alcohol, serve with food and water. Explore options for fun non-alcoholic “mocktails” that guests can enjoy as a safe alternative!
  5. When serving food, follow appropriate guidelines for temperature. Do NOT leave hot or cold foods at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Visit HEALTH CANADA for more details on food temperatures and safe serving!

FOR A FABULOUS NIGHT OUT… Who doesn’t love a night on the town???If you are preparing to ring in the New Year with friends and family follow these pointers to make sure your fun goes unspoiled!

  1. Designate a driver! If you know your night will consist of more than a glass of cheer make sure you know who to hand your keys to once the evening starts! NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!
  2. A packed club. A busy restaurant. It can be easy to get lost in the crowd! Use a buddy system to stay in touch with those you are celebrating with. Travel together and let someone know if and when you decide to leave early.
  3. Give yourself time to travel safely. Unfortunately winter doesn’t take a break for holidays so road conditions may not be the best for your night out! Leave early to meet friends or, if you are unable to get away on time, text or call to let them know you are running behind and will take extra time to arrive.
  4. Don’t leave drinks unattended. If you mistakenly walked away from your drink to enjoy some time on the dance floor, no big deal, just grab a new one!
  5. If you plan to be out overnight, ask a neighbor to check in on your pets or to keep an eye on your home while you are away.

Remember, you always have a choice, but only you can decide to do it the safe way. The safe way is usually not the shortest or quickest way, but it’s your decision.
Every reasonable precaution should be taken to protect yourself and promote our ZERO ACCIDENTS culture.
Be Safe!

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