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Culture of Safety

Cultivating a Culture of Safety – How You Can Help!

What exactly is a Culture of Safety?

Cultivating a culture of safety is one of the best ways to optimize the safety and security of your work environment. Such a culture is created when the ideals and best practices of risk assessment, preparedness and response are understood, practiced and valued at all levels of an organization.

In a culture of safety, everyone has a role and responsibility to ensure that safety standards are upheld and, where possible, improved upon. Each individual serves as both teacher and student in a system where training, implementation, engagement and evaluation of safety policy and practice is continuous. Positive outcomes are celebrated as an achievement of the organization and any concerns or lesser results are quickly evaluated and resolved without focus on blame through fair and transparent processes.

Here are just a few ways you can help make Safety a Culture at your workplace!


Remember, you always have a choice, but only you can decide to do it the safe way. The safe way is usually not the shortest or quickest way, but it’s your decision.
Every reasonable precaution should be taken to protect yourself and promote our ZERO ACCIDENTS culture.
Be Safe!


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