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Wellbeing in the workplace can be very simple, once we agree that we all face some of the same challenges in life on a day to day basis. Now, we could face them at different times or at different levels but the challenges none the same, create stressors in our lives that impact on how we interact with people or do our jobs on a day to day basis.

While our role is not to prescribe or suggest solutions or a one option fit all, we can use some of the ways listed below, as evidenced by research. This hopefully will support a journey towards wellbeing that will impact positively on individuals and in turn, their respective workplaces. Some ways to wellbeing:

  • Learn: There is continued evidence that learning throughout one’s life increases selfesteem. As a matter of fact, some research show some correlation between engagement in work or educational opportunities, improves wellbeing and helps to lift older people out of depression. The practice of setting goals which most adults do and learn through, has been associated with positive wellbeing. So, keep the mind active and see if you can learn something new today! Learning does not just have to involve academia for instance, in the workplace, take time, learn something new about your colleague(s), research something that has always fascinated you or wondered about-(think places, travel), do a Cross Word Puzzle, read the news, learn a new word a day or something, research a new sport. Whatever catches your fancy, get the mind active in incremental steps or eventually sign up for classes.
  • Awareness Remind yourself to ‘Take Notice’ of things around you. It is suggested that this can strengthen and broaden awareness. ‘Appreciating the moment directly enhances wellbeing and helps to reaffirm life’s priorities. Just like in workplace safety or recognizing hazards and invariably mitigating them, heightened awareness also enhances selfunderstanding and allows one to make positive choices based on personal values and motivations. So, appreciate the moment, take some time and enjoy the environment around you. Some of these might help: ‘Take Notice’ of how your colleagues are acting or feeling, take a different route to work, Take time out for lunch and visit a new place, spruce up your work environment! In any case, taking notice elevates awareness and awareness increases conscious safety practice without the pressures to do so. In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “live in the now” Take Notice to be Aware and make the now a primary focus. . .

In the next series, we will review more tips or ways to increase wellbeing.

Remember, you always have a choice, but only you can decide to do it the safe way. The safe way is usually not the shortest or quickest way, but it’s your decision.
Every reasonable precaution should be taken to protect yourself and promote our ZERO ACCIDENTS culture.
Be Safe!

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