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Winter Safety

Winter Safety Series-Part II Preparing Your Equipment

Preparing Your Gear

  • Your tools work as hard as you do! Take time to inspect all tools and equipment to ensure proper working condition.
  • Ensure power sources such as batteries and charging stations are in good working order and where necessary replace with new ones!
  • Identify tools or equipment that will require extra protection from the elements and arrange any cases or covers required.

Preparing Your Ride

  • Make sure your vehicle is road ready and stocked with essential supplies in case of emergency!
  • Have ALL systems evaluated for winter readiness including the Breaks, Cooling System, Engine, Electrical System, Exhaust, Tires, Oil and Visibility Systems including interior/exterior lights, defrosters and wipers.
  • Stay fueled Up! The forecast can change in a moment’s notice, don’t end up stranded in bad weather!

Prepare Your Kit

  • ALWAYS be ready for the unexpected! Here are just a few suggested items to include in your Winter Emergency Kit …
  • Blankets, non-perishable food, flashlight with extra batteries, flares or matches/lighter, battery cables, extra clothing/footwear, winsheild scraper/snowbrush, first aid kit, fully charged cell phone (and charger).

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